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Nolan Thomas, author of The Girl Who Knew Too Much, thoroughly enjoys the thriller genre and the works of so many of its greats. She is a member of International Thriller Writers. A graduate of the University of Illinois, she spent her career working with numbers and contracts, always feeling there was a novel inside, waiting to be written.


Armed with desire and a bent towards hard work, Nolan set out to hone her skills. She took classes. Read. Wrote. Took more classes. Loved it. Doubted herself. Kept writing and learning. Continued to doubt herself.


Kept trying . . . because something inside her insisted she had to.


Thought she was crazy. Chose to think of herself as intuitive. Read more. Wrote more. Discovered On Writing by Stephen King. Tried his advice.


Her imagination listened.


Author Nolan Thomas, her alter ego creative self, was born.


The author and her husband live in Madison, Wisconsin, where she is at work on her next thriller.




Her beloved dog, Rocky, spent many happy hours contentedly napping as Nolan toiled away bringing gripping stories and casts of characters to life.


Rocky no longer graces the land of the living, but appears in The Girl Who Knew Too Much, the first in an exciting new series. 

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