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What if your new neighbor is a lethal enemy—and you don’t know it?

Trust Evil - 3D Book.png

Billy Daniels is about to find out in this thrilling story of espionage and betrayal. Russian assassin Nika Rolinska—who nearly killed him and people he loves—is supposed to be dead. Instead, she has a new face and a new identity.


Rolinska forces Billy to make an impossible decision—which friends live . . . which die. He must battle Rolinska, and his own demons, to stop her. 


The consequences set off an unthinkable, far-reaching chain of events. Rolinska has revenge on her mind, but Russian Leadership has different plans. Nothing can stand in the way of taking over a major oil company and their infiltration of US intelligence agencies and government.


In order to stop Rolinska—Billy must help her win.


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